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Maris Krumins
Feb 28, 2013

Maris Krumins joins LatCham and will also work with LatCham during the summer of 2013 in the capacity of international strategic liason including Latvian Government, NGOs, and Associations and their members.  He is a graduate student at Fordham University. He also holds a bachelor's degree with distinction from University of Latvia. His interests are related to international economics, finance and public sector. Maris has worked in banking sector for Nordea, and during the past two years he has spent at Ministry of Economics working with European Union funding strategy and management. 

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Aiga Coffey
Oct 31, 2012

Aiga Coffey joins the Latvian Chamber of Commerce in the Americas as a Fall intern. She is responsible for several duties in the new LatCham office in Fairfax, VA; including managing LatCham contacts, writing and sending press releases, bookkeeping, website assistance, events coordination projects, and economics and business related research. Meanwhile, Aiga will continue her studies to finish her BA in Technical Management and minor in Sales and Marketing at DeVry University in Arlington, VA.

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Dilworth Paxson
Oct 18, 2012

Dilworth Paxson has joined LatCham. Founded in 1933, Dilworth Paxson is a prominent U.S. law firm, with offices in Washington, DC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Dilworth Paxson conducts a broad and diverse legal practice representing a wide variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to closely-held businesses, non-profit foundations, governmental entities, and individuals in the U.S. and elsewhere.  Dilworth’s clients are both US based and located in countries around the world.  They represent both businesses and individual clients nationwide. Dilworth Paxson will be represented in the Chamber, by Mr.Ian Portnoy.
Ian Portnoy focuses on the corporate and transactional matters involving intellectual property. This includes not-for profits governance, corporate, securities, tax, patent, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights. Ian also has considerable experience in economic development and real estate.

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Apex Benefit Group
Nov 25, 2009

The Apex Benefit Group has joined LatCham as a small business.  Their knowledgeable specialists can help you navigate through the turbulent times of the healthcare industry to determine the most appropriate and best available Health, Disability, Life and Group Insurance packages.  They represent both businesses and individual clients nationwide.  The Apex Benefit Group will be represented in the Chamber, by Mr. Rudis Berzins.

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American Latvian Association
Nov 09, 2009

The American Latvian Association (ALA) has joined LatCham as a non-profit member.  The American Latvian Association is the main representative organization for the Latvian American community. Through 163 member organizations, churches, clubs and some 6,000 individual members we represent over 100,000 people of Latvian descent living in the United States. We are a non-profit, tax exempt educational and cultural organization registered as a private and voluntary organization with the U.S. Agency for International Development.  The ALA will be represented by ALA President, Juris Mezinskis, and ALA executive director, Raits Eglitis.

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Highlighted events
Latest news

May 10, 2016
Every year the European Council of American Chambers come together here in the United States (Washington DC) for their annual strategic summit.  The Chambers engage with commercial companies, non-profits, and government agencies.  This fosters a collaborative climate the also allows the Chamber executives and staff to keep us with U.S. business, economic, and political trends.

This years events were again well attended.  This is all part of a broader strategy to further engagement between the American Chambers in Europe and Eurasia (45 organizations) with their transatlantic counterparts.  

The meetings culminate with a discussion on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partne...
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May 22, 2013

The U.S. Embassy, located in Riga, Latvia, led a Latvian energy sector delegation to the United States the week of April 08, 2013.  The U.S. Embassy's lead representative was Guntars Vičmanis, Commercial Assistant, within the Political/Economic Section.

Last Stop, Washington DC!

The U.S. Embassy, the Latvian Embassy in Washington and iiGrowth LLC developed a short energy sector roundtable program.

On the afternoon of April 12th, LatCham member, iiGrowth LLC's CEO, Gustav Plato, facilitated a discussion between U.S. energy sector representatives and a Latvian delegation companies. 

Ambassador Andris Razans kicked-off the meeting, welcomed the participants,...
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Feb 23, 2013

LatCham's 2013 Market Study is underway. Conversations with US and Baltic business leaders identified a need to establish ongoing intelligence and dialogue about prioritized business opportunities in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the United States. This study is focusing on those sectors where revenue growth and trade offer great potential including bio-technology, bio-mass, health care, medicine, pharmaceutical, forestry and woodworking, information technology and cyber,fashion and textile,green technology,and others.
LatCham's constituents are interested in viewing the Baltic Region as a whole entity. We also have engaged Estonian and Lithuanian business experts to assist in the market study. This is aligned to our initiative to pr...
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Oct 25, 2012

We recently learned that there is no dedicated international day celebrating the work of NGOs and other civil society organisations! That is about to change with the World NGO Day initiative.

The "World NGO Day"; is a global initiative which aims to secure passing of a United Nations (UN) resolution establishing an international day - to be held on the 18th of November every year - to Celebrate, Commemorate and Connect all Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organisations (charities, member associations, civil society organisations, chambers of commerce and other type of organisations) in recognition of the valuable work these organisations have done- and continue to do- for our society. The World NGO Day will be marked through local, r...
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