The Latvian Chamber of Commerce in the Americas (LatCham) promotes Latvian companies in the United States and provides assistance to American companies seeking to expand their business into Latvia. LatCham’s mission is to grow American-Latvian trade and investment. LatCham was founded in December 2008.

Regional Representation

LatCham's main offices are located in the Washington DC metropolitan area and has regional representation in New York, with members also located in the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast of the United States. LatCham is striving to expand its business contact network of US and Latvian businesses as well as partnering with regional business networks in both Europe and in the American continent.

Industry Focus

In addition to our regional focus, our members have interests in Energy, Financial Services, Food & Agriculture, Government, Health Care, Information Technology, Transportation and Logistics.LatCham represents Latvian businesses and professionals throughout the Americas. LatCham is being formed as a non-profit organization (NAICS code is 813910) and will serve individual Latvian and American business people, emerging firms, as well as large international businesses. In addition, with alliances spanning from Canada to South America it is an organization representing the Americas and the wealthy and diverse markets found in this hemisphere. Coupled with the rich tradition of Latvian merchants and traders dating back to over 800 years the mercantile spirit of adventure and opportunity permeate the organization.

LatCham as a Community

We help Latvian companies find the right opportunities and right partners in the Americas – and vice versa. We also are a first point of entry for Latvian professionals seeking to build their professional business network. By leveraging a wide network of contacts as well as new web 2.0 technologies, and our experience, we are creating the premier Latvian Business Network.LatCham is a community. As a community we help one another succeed. Together, we will share critical business information so that it can be leveraged by all members of our organization. We have designed a collaborative business community that will accelerate economic growth with social responsibility.

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