LatCham’s Member Discount Program is designed to promote LatCham members’ business, career development, and be an aid in managing business expenditures through participation in the program.LatCham members who have paid their dues and are in good standing can receive discounts that are afforded to our members by member and non-member establishments. To receive a discount you are asked to present a valid Membership Code.If youd like to join the Member Discount Program and offer your services or products to LatCham members at a special rate, please contact us.

A Great Member Benefit:

Now that you are a member of LatCham, you are eligible to receive discounts on your Constant Contact account. You can save 20% if you prepay for 6 months and 25% if you prepay for 12 months. Thats a 10% deeper discount than what is available to our regular customers!

LatCham members who are existing customers as well as users new to Constant Contact are eligible for the discount.  Please contact LatCham to receive your promotional information.

The Latvian Chamber of Commerce in the Americas is pleased to announce an expansion of its benefits program. LatCham members will now receive a 5% discount from the Latvian Relief Fund of America on two of its products; the Visitors From Abroad Program as well as the International Travel and Medical Plan. The Latvian Relief Fund of America is a member of the Chamber and mutual assistance organization providing a variety of benefit plans to help individuals to cover their health care, funeral and other expenses.

Emergency Accident & Health Benefit Plan For Visitors From Abroad

The LRFA Emergency Accident and Health Benefit Plan is designed to enable LRFA members to obtain coverage of medical and emergency expenses incurred by their relatives/friends visiting the United States from abroad for up to twelve months.

The LRFA Emergency Accident and Health Benefit Plan for Visitors from Abroad is not a general health insurance policy, but an interim travel medical plan intended for use while visiting the United States. Benefit payments for medical expenses are made after coverage eligibility is determined by the LRFA.

Full information about the program can be found here:LRFA Visitors From Abroad

International Travel & Medical Plan

If a medical problem occurs while you are abroad, you will feel more comfortable knowing that someone is there for you. This Plan offers 24 hour accident protection while traveling abroad. It is available only to LRFA members and their dependent children, but becoming a member is easy!*.

Full information about the program can be found here:LRFA International Travel

LatCham members receive a 10% discount from Amcham dues in their first year of membership.

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