As members of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce in the Americas, we operate in a manner that adheres to the laws of the United States of America and common business practice in the United States and the Americas.LatCham is an association of professionals that adheres to the highest standards of ethics and transparency. As such we expect that our members will follow the general “good business” practices as organizations and as individuals.1. Members will make every effort to comply with the laws of the United States, Latvia, or the country in which they operate/which they are subject.2. Members will avoid knowingly assisting any third party in violating any law of the United States, Latvia, or the country in which they operate by creating false documents or by any other means.3. Members will not knowingly pay or receive bribes or participate in any other unethical, fraudulent or corrupt practice.4. Members will endeavor to honor all business obligations and commitments that they undertake with professionalism and integrity.5. Members will keep business records in a manner that properly reflects the true nature of their business transactions and activities.6. Members will ensure that their management and supervisors are familiar with applicable labor laws and corporate policies and will take responsibility for preventing and detecting violations in the course of their business operations.7. We encourage all member companies and their affiliates to adhere to the provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States. The principles outlined here are not intended to preclude business or professional relationships that are recognized as both legal and acceptable under applicable law and custom, and that would not cause embarrassment to any party involved, if publicly known

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