Latvian Ambassador to United States joins LatCham as Honorary Member
Nov 06, 2008
By Gustavs Plato
Gustavs Plato, Director of the Board for the Latvian Chamber of Commerce, and Juris Lazdins, Deputy Director of the Board met with the Latvian Ambassador to the United States and Mexico, Andrejs Pildegovics. The Ambassador was awarded the LatCham certificate of Honorary Membership, in recognition of the exemplary work he has done in the United States since his arrival as Ambassador to promote economic trade and growth between Latvia and the United States.

The Ambassador was the first official recipient of this honorary membership. The Chamber has two honorary members at this time, the other being, Krista Altok Tassa, President of the Estonian American Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber will be meeting with Ms. Tassa, later this year to bestow an honorary membership to our Estonian sister chamber in the United States.

Today's meeting provided the LatCham Board and opportunity to meet with the Latvian Ambassador and to discuss the vision, strategy, and key issues that the Chamber will be addressing. One of the key discussion points was a celebratory launch meeting for the chamber when it officially opens for operation in January 2009.

For more information about the Chamber contact Gustav Plato at or Juris Lazdins and

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