US Baltic Market Study
Feb 23, 2013
By Gustav Plato
LatCham's 2013 Market Study is underway. Conversations with US and Baltic business leaders identified a need to establish ongoing intelligence and dialogue about prioritized business opportunities in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the United States. This study is focusing on those sectors where revenue growth and trade offer great potential including bio-technology, bio-mass, health care, medicine, pharmaceutical, forestry and woodworking, information technology and cyber,fashion and textile,green technology,and others.
LatCham's constituents are interested in viewing the Baltic Region as a whole entity. We also have engaged Estonian and Lithuanian business experts to assist in the market study. This is aligned to our initiative to promote the Baltic Sea Region in 2013 along with our partners in Estonia and Lithuania.
We hope to offer key insights that increase sales opportunities for our members, sponsors, and partners. In addition, with the vast maze of information that one would need to sift through, we are best positioned to shed some light on the most pressing issues, and thereby save ten's of thousands of dollars or more for each business and non-governmental organization to help them rapidly assimilate knowledge and their understanding of the respective markets.
We are not publishing a study, but will make the valuable information available to members through business round-tables;and targeted discussions that have greater value than volumes of paper that can be produced in a study. Please contact Gustav Plato to arrange your private consultations at

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